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Savanna (A2k Survival Show Member) Age, Bio, Wiki, Facts & More

Savanna is a contestant in a Korean-American Survival show A2k (America to Korea). The Survival Show had 11 contestants: Yuna, Cristina, Melissa, Camila, Lexus, Kendall, Savanna, KG, Gina, Mischa, and KellyThe global group will probably debut in Korea in 2024. The show audited the American Cities of Dallas, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles to attend the K-Pop boot camp in L.A. The show aired on 13 July 2023 and ended on 21 September 2023. A collaboration of JYP Entertainment and Republic Records produced the show.

Her Stage name is Savanna. Her birth name is Savanna Blanca Collins. She was born on 26 July 2006. Her age is around 18 years old as of 2024. She is American By Nationality. Her Zodiac sign is Leo.

Her position is not revealed yet.

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Early Life:

She was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Not much is known about her early life.

Physical Appearance:

She is Young, beautiful, and hot. She has a slender figure. She is hugely popular among youth. She looks like a doll. She has a Slim Build. Her looks make her look younger than her actual age. She has black eyes and brown hair. She has beautiful eyes that look very appealing and long silky hair.

Her height is around 5’4” (164 cm) and her weight is around 48 kg (104 lbs). Her blood group is “not known”.

Family, Religion & Boyfriends:

She has parents, an older brother, Alonso, and an older sister, Brianna in the family. She is half Venezuelan from her mom’s side and Trinbagonian from her dad’s side.

Not much is known about her relationships.


  • She was trained to be a professional gymnast for 7 years but had to quit due to injury.
  • She has a collection of 15 hats.
  • She is disciplined from gymnastics which will help her in the Korean music field.
  • She can do handstands.
  • She likes green color.
  • She earned her pendant in episode 2.
  • She carries her headphones as she needs music everywhere when traveling.
  • She is the most chill person and has a stylish, intricate hairstyle according to Camila.
  • She learns the dance steps very quickly.
  • She likes to relieve stress by lounging in her bed, watching shows, reading, going on TikTok, and having the freedom to do whatever she wants to.
  • She earned Dance Stone after performing ‘O.O’ by NMIXX in Episode 4 and ranked 4th in dance.
  • She wants to break the habit of waking up when her body wants to, aiming for a better schedule without relying on alarms.
  • She likes the Summer season.
  • She is called the “swaggy dance teacher” of her group VCHA.
  • She is Venezuelan-Trinbagonian by ethnicity.
  • She didn’t pass her Vocal evaluation in episode 8.
  • She earned the Vocal stone in episode 15.
  • She likes to lounge, chill on her phone, games, or learn a new dance during her free time.
  • She is optimistic, outspoken, and laid-back.
  • She likes to watch the Divergent series and The Hunger Games series.
  • She earned a Star Quality Stone after displaying her talent in both flute playing and gymnastics simultaneously in Episode 9.
  • She earned the 3rd rank in Star Quality.
  • She earned Character Stone in Episode 12.
  • She will debut after receiving all 4 stones in Episode 15.
  • She likes to wear clothes like streetwear, baggy, and dancer-like, she prefers clothing that allows for easy movement and often opts for earthy tones like green and tan.
  • She likes to have a day waking up at her preferred time, enjoying a show or reading, going out for a nice brunch, taking a walk to a PC-bang or PC cafe to play Valorant, baking or getting dessert, taking a bath with music, and ending the day with binge-watching or TikTok before falling asleep late.
  • She earned 1st Stone after performing ‘Thunderous’ by Stray Kids in Episode 17.
  • Her representative emoji is 🦦 (Otter).
  • Her member color is Orange.
  • She likes to play games.
  • She likes to spend time with family or friends but wishes for a PC and assistance in setting it up as a special gift for her gaming passion for the holidays.
  • She likes the no. 8.
  • She likes to listen to Softcore by The Neighbourhood.
  • She earned 5th rank in the Individual Evaluations.
  • She became a member of VCHA after ranking 4th in episode 22.

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