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Serena (Feverse Member) Age, Bio, Wiki, Facts & More

Serena (세레나) is a member of the South Korean virtual project girl group called Feverse (피버스 / also stylized as FE: VERSE)The group comprises 5 members: MuneoSeoritaeKeuangRien and SerenaThe group was created through the survival show GIRL’S RE:VERSE. They debuted on 9 May 2023 with the single CHO. They are under Kakao Entertainment.

Her Stage name is Serena (세레나). Her birth name is Kimserena (김세레나). She was born on 25 December 2008. Her age is around 15 years old as of 2023.

She is the Vocalist of the group.

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Early Life:

She was born in Gangwon-do Jeongseon 32pyeong apartment 9th floor.

Not much is known about her early life.

Physical Appearance:

She is Young, beautiful, and hot. She has a slender figure. She is hugely popular among youth. She looks like a doll. She has a Slim Build. Her looks make her look younger than her actual age. She has black eyes and brown hair. She has beautiful eyes that look very appealing and long silky hair.

Her height is around 5’5” (164 cm) and her weight is around 46 kg (101 lbs). Her blood group is “not known”.

Family, Religion & Boyfriends:

Not much is known about her family and relationships.


  • She describes herself as a Femme Fatale.
  • She thinks she is a country version of Julia Roberts.
  • She was deceived by her friends and ended up investing her savings in stocks.
  • This led her to pursue singing as a career and leave the stocks.
  • She has a fear of the color light blue because it is the color that represents stock value dropping.
  • She thinks that love is just like a bowl of malatang because everyone keeps looking for it even though they know it will hurt.
  • She has malatang-like charms that everyone will fall for.
  • She is good at Beast’s Heart (Over-Investing in Stocks).
  • She has a nickname Kim Heesun from Gangwon-do.
  • She is funny.
  • She has a habit of trembling when her cash is locked up in stocks.
  • She is great at doing Back exercises.
  • She did a freestyle dance in her self-introductory video.
  • She uses hashtags like #stock #sansjang.
  • She was sorted into group B and performed ‘Love, Ing’ by Ben with Hwaeuija, Chadodo, and Zzaru. The team won and received a points benefit in the consolation match.
  • She earned 2nd place and had more points than Junghorang, the 2nd place of group A, and returned to the competition.
  • Her Team won the finals in which she sang “Time Takes Me To Love”.
  • She sang ‘Event Horizon’ by Younha but lost to Cheer in the death match.
  • She earned 5th place in the final episode, becoming a FE:VERSE member.
  • Her motto in life is “Just do It…”.
  • Her ranking was 27-21-12-9-9-5.
  • Her character was played by Soobin, a member of WJSN.

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Twitter (Japan): 【公式】Feverse (フィバース)

YouTube: 피버스 Feverse

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