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Mitsu (PORES Member) Age, Bio, Wiki, Facts & More

Mitsu (미츠/みつ) is a member of the South Korean live idol unit group trio named PORES (포레스). The group comprises 3 members: YukaMitsu, and Pai. The members were announced on 18 June 2024. They will make their debut on 13 July 2024. They are under Aria Production.

Her Stage name is Mitsu (미츠/みつ). She was born on 4 April. Her age is around 24 years old as of 2024. She is Korean By Nationality. Her Zodiac sign is AriesHer MBTI Type is INFP/ENFP.

Her position is yet to be announced in the group.

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Instagram: @ nicetsu.23

Twitter: @mitsunyang_

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Naver Blog: @mitsuuu3

Early Life:

She was born in Seoul, South Korea.

Not much is known about his early life.

Physical Appearance:

She is Young, beautiful, and hot. She has a slender figure. She is hugely popular among youth. She looks like a doll. She has a Slim Build. Her looks make her look younger than her actual age. She has black eyes and brown hair. She has beautiful eyes that look very appealing and long silky hair.

Her height is around 5’3” (160 cm) and her weight is around 49 kg (109 lbs). Her blood group is “not known”.

Family, Religion & Boyfriends:

Not much is known about her family and friends


  • She has 100+ followers on Instagram.
  • She was announced as the second member of the group.
  • She likes Pokemon.
  • She can speak Japanese and Korean.
  • She uses her phone when she can’t sleep.
  • She doesn’t have breakfast regularly.
  • She likes to eat watermelon.
  • She likes to text rather than call.
  • She doesn’t practice any religion.
  • She likes the Sky Blue color.
  • She makes good Tteokbokki.
  • She has a sweet tooth.
  • Her favorite movie is Titanic.
  • Her favorite Japanese bands are Spyair and Mrs. Green Apple.
  • She was a member of the group Donguri? Nikkori.
  • She starts her day routine by brushing her teeth.
  • She likes the actors Lee Dohyun and Koo Kyohwan, Park BoYoung and Kim Bora.
  • She doesn’t like to eat carrots.
  • She would choose teleportation if she could choose a power.
  • She likes the animals dogs, cats, parrots, and ferrets.
  • She loves to eat mint chocolate ice cream.
  • She cherished the album of Polaroid photos she took when she was in high school.
  • She likes to eat spam and side rolls as side dishes.
  • She likes the Spring season.
  • She can’t stomach spicy food.
  • She wants to go to a country in Europe sometime.
  • She likes to paint.
  • She uses the hashtags #미츠냥 (#MitsuNyang) and #미츠미츠케타 (#MitsuMitsuKeta)
  • She has nicknames 페페 (Pepe), 포우 (Pou)
  • Her Ideal type is  “A fun and playful person that likes animals and babies.”

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