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Mirani (Rapper) Age, Bio, Wiki, Facts & More

Mirani (미란이) is a Soloist of South Korea. She is debuted independently in 2020. She is now under AREA. She signed with AREA in March 2021 and was announced as their official artist on March 25, 2021, following her first release under their label with the single “Daisy”.

Her stage name is Mirani (미란이). Her Birth Name is Kim Yoon-jin (김윤진). She was born on 14 May 1996. Her age is 25 years old as of 2021. She is Korean By Nationality. Her Zodiac sign is Taurus.

She is a Rapper.

Check out and follow Mirani’s Social Media accounts:

Instagram:  @mirannnnnnni

Twitter: N/A

SoundCloud: miranni

YouTube: 미란이

Facebook: N/A

TikTok: @mirannnnnni

Early Life:

She was born in Seoul, South Korea. She attended Ewha Woman’s University for study.

Not much is known about her early life.

Physical Appearance:

She is Young, beautiful, and hot. She has a slender figure. She is hugely popular among youth. She looks like a doll. She has Slim Build. Her looks make her look younger than her actual age. She has black eyes and brown hair. She has beautiful eyes that look very appealing and long silky hair.

Her height is around 5’5” (167 cm) and her weight is around 43 kg (94 lbs).

Family, Religion & Boyfriends:

Not much is known about her family and her personal relationship.


  • She has 221k+ followers on Instagram.
  • Her stage name comes from the character Yu Mi Ran (Rachel Moore) from “Detective Conan”.
  • She likes playing League of Legends.
  • She participated in Show me the Money 9 in 2020 and got eliminated in Round 7 against Lil Boi.
  • Her Favorite Rapper is Young Thug.
  • She also writes lyrics as her hobby.
  • She is a part of the VAT crew.
  • She joined a hip-hop club while studying at Ewha woman’s University.
  • She used MIRANNI as her stage name but eventually get rid of ‘n’.
  • She had a piercing under her bottom lip before joining AREA.
  • She is a close friend of Rapper SINCE.
  • Her favorite champion in the League of Legends is Leona.
  • She is close with Mushvenom.
  • People often mistook Kim Mi-ran as her real name due to her stage name Mirani.
  • She is active since 2018 with the releases on SoundCloud.
  • She writes notes while Studying music in her notebook.
  • She has an affection for shoes.
  • She treats shoes as luxury items.
  • She eats Yakuruto yogurt drinks. She always has two eat two of them in the morning, never less. 
  • She likes milk chocolate.
  • She eats a packet of Red ginseng always before performances.
  • She really likes jellies and carries them all the time. Her favorite one is Haribo Starmix because it has different kinds of jellies so when you get bored of one, you can pick another one. From the mix, her favorite kind is an egg-shaped jelly.
  • She keeps a “Detective Mirani” nameplate from her first music video “명탐정” at the AREA studio. It’s an item she always carries when she movies into a studio.
  • She bought a pair of Prada shoes as her first luxury item.
  • She never eats Dark chocolate.
  • She drinks propolis drops for her vocal cords. Mostly when she does live performances.
  • She likes to ride bikes.
  • She was dressed as Detective Conan in “명탐정” Music Video.
  • She is neighborhood friends with rapper Munchman.
  • She used to drink Coke Zero when she was on a diet. And always carries a bottle of it since then.
  • She saved her part-time payment to film her first music video “명탐정”.
  • She is easily immersed and empathic.
  • She studied in the department of clothing.
  • She doesn’t feel like she’s studying when she prints/writes digitally. She always writes notes, lyrics by hand.
  • She likes cartoons.

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