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Wonpil (DAY6 Member) Age, Bio, Wiki, Facts & More

Wonpil is a member of South Korean boys group Day6 (데이식스). The group consists of 5 members: Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon. The band debuted on September 7, 2015, under JYP Entertainment.

His stage name is Wonpil (원필). His Birth Name is Kim Won Pil (김원필). He was born on April 28, 1994. His age is 27 years old as of 2021. He is South Korean By Nationality. His Zodiac sign is Taurus.

He is the Main Vocalist, Keyboardist, and Synthesizer, Visual of the group.

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Early Life:

He was born in Incheon, South Korea.

He attended Jinsan Elementary School.

He completes his graduation from  Daekyeung University.

Physical Appearance:

He is young, smart, and handsome. He is popular among youths. His looks make him look younger than his actual age. He has black eyes and brown hair. 

His height is around  5’9” (176cm) and his weight is around 60kg (132 lbs). His Blood group is “A”.

Family, Religion & Girlfriends:

He raised by his family and his older sister.

Not much known about her family and her relationship.


  • His group has 2.2m+ followers on Instagram.
  • His group has 1.5m subscribers on the youtube channel.
  • He has 1.2m followers on Instagram.
  • His favorite color is white.
  • He plays the keyboard and the synthesizer.
  • He is the secondary vocalist on Day6.
  • Once, in a game, he had eaten pill bugs, soap, and crayons as a child.
  • He has done branded professional photoshoot.
  • He can play the guitar.
  • He was a part of 5LIVE and made a soft debut in 2014.
  • He would like to visit and perform in Iceland.
  • He has a very distinct, higher sitting singing voice.
  • He is very cute and charming faces.
  • His nickname was ‘Pencil’.
  • He tends to be naturally clingy.
  • He feels sad when his friend Sungjin doesn’t answer his questions.
  • He loves taking selfies.
  • He and his friend sungjin used to be roommates.
  • He has a habit of complimenting people’s eyes.
  • His friend Junhyeok left the group, he became the keyboardist and also playing the synthesizer.
  • He loves nature.
  • He has esotropic.
  • He would want to have Thanos’s gauntlet.
  • He clings to his friend Dowoon because he always wanted a younger brother.
  • He has a specific pink sweater he wears become famous among MyDays and members of Day6 looks unattractiveness.
  • Jinyoung is one of his good friends.
  • He is one of the main targets for teasing in Day6.
  • He likes the piano.
  • He enjoys playing with Musical Instrumental Digital Interface.
  • He has a tattoo it reminds her that “I am living and breathing”.
  • He writes songs for Day6’s.
  • His hobby is collecting action figures.
  • He likes the sea.
  • He feels sad when he sees Young K going to school and completing his responsibilities as an idol and Day6 member.
  • He is the shortest member of Day6.
  • Sometimes he forgets the lyrics to a song while performing.
  • He and his friend Young K almost debuted in a dance group when they were trainees.
  • On his left finger, he has a tattoo of shell and bone.
  • He explores new places.
  • He can imitate a monkey.
  • He likes to dance to girl group songs.
  • He does a lot of aegyo.
  • He has two cats.
  • He had a 4-dimensional personality.
  • He wasn’t in Day6 he would want to go to college to study engineering.
  • He and his friend jae friendship are like Tom and Jerry.
  • He said to look like former Infinite member Hoya.
  • He loves his group Day6.
  • He speaks basic English.
  • He was the maknae before dowoon joined Day6.
  • He tries to cook but he is not very good.
  • He had ever been on an airplane thought window could open.

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