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Chanyeol (EXO-SC Member) Age, Bio, Wiki, Facts & More

Chanyeol (찬열) is a member of the boy’s duo named EXO-SC (엑소-세찬). The group is formed under SM Entertainment. Group consists of 2 members: Chanyeol and Sehun. EXO-SC debuted their first EP “What a Life” on July 22, 2019.

His stage name is Chanyeol (찬열) and his birth name is Park Chanyeol (박찬열). Chanyeol was born on November 27, 1992. Chanyeol’s age is 28 years old as of 2020. Chanyeol is Korean By Nationality. Chanyeol’s Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

Chanyeol is the Main Rapper and Vocalist of the Group.

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Instagram: @real__pcy

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Early Life:

Chanyeol was born in Seoul, South Korea. Not much is known about his early life.

Chanyeol attended Hyundai Chungun High School and Kyung Hee Cyber University.

Chanyeol was enrolled in a private acting school at the age of 16.

Chanyeol formed a temporary band when he was in high school.

Chanyeol joined SM Entertainment in 2008 through the SM Casting System.

Physical Appearance:

Chanyeol is young, smart, and handsome. Chanyeol is popular among youths. His looks make him look younger than his actual age. Chanyeol has black eyes and brown hair.  Chanyeol had a Lasik eye surgery back when he was a trainee.

Chanyeol’s height is 186 cm (6’1″) and his weight is around 68 kg. Chanyeol’s blood group is A.

Family, Religion & Boyfriends:

Chanyeol has 4 members in his family(including him) father, mother, and older sister. Chanyeol’s mother owns a restaurant and his father owns a café. Chanyeol’s older sister is a news reporter. Not much is known about His family and His personal Relationship.  


  • Chanyeol Nicknames are  ‘Wealthy Teeth’, ‘Happy Virus’ and ‘King of Derps’.
  • Chanyeol’s hobbies are listening to music, following the rhythm of the songs with his hands, and playing instruments. He plays guitar, drums, African drums, and bass.
  • Chanyeol was a member of the designing team who designed EXO’s hexagon logo.
  • Chanyeol endorses several brands on his social media.
  • Chanyeol’s role models are Jason Mraz and Eminem.
  • Chanyeol is a cheerful, bright, and romantic person

  • Chanyeol doesn’t get angry easily unless he loses something.
  • Chanyeol loves doing charity work. It revitalizes him and makes him feel happy.
  • Chanyeol loves composing music.

  • Chanyeol plays bowling, basketball, golf, and does snowboarding.
  • Chanyeol is a huge fan of 2NE1’s Dara.
  • Chanyeol has a dog named Toben.
  • Chanyeol has a studio named studio 519.
  • Chanyeol is part of EXO’s beagle line with Baekhyun and Chen.
  • Chanyeol is part of EXO’s chingu line with Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O.
  • Chanyeol is a fashion Enthusiast.
  • Chanyeol wrote the lyrics of EXO “Heaven” and “Sweet Lies” on the album “The Power Of Music”.
  • Chanyeol collaborated with Seventeen’s Woozi for a song entitled “Give Me That”.
  • Chanyeol featured in TVXQ’s MV “HaHaHa Song” along with members Kai and Suho.
  • Chanyeol starred in Girls’ Generation’s MV “Genie (Japanese Version)”
  • Chanyeol starred in TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle MV alongside Kai, Baekhyun, and Sehun.

Chanyeol’s Favorites:

  • Chanyeol’s favorite foods are Galbi and Tonkatsu.
  • Chanyeol’s favorite color is black.
  • Chanyeol’s favorite k-pop band is TVXQ.
  • Chanyeol’s favorite music type is Hip Hop, Rap.
  • Chanyeol’s favorite movie is ‘School of Rock’.
  • Chanyeol’s favorite number is 21.


  • Salut D’Amour (2015)
  • So I Married An Anti-Fan (2016)


  • Things We Do That We Know We Will Regret (KBS2, 2008) 
  • To The Beautiful You (SBS, 2012)
  • Welcome to Royal Villa (jTBC, 2013)
  • EXO Next Door (LINE/Naver TV Cast, 2015)
  • Missing 9 (MBC, 2017)
  • Memories of the Alhambra (2018)


It is well known that several bad or wrong information about figures like Chanyeol spread like wildfire. Chanyeol haters can make stories and attempt to take his repo down out of jealousy and envy but he has never given much thought to it and always concentrates on positivity and love. Chanyeol always tries to keep himself distant from controversies.

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